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About NASA'S Athlete of the Year Awards Program

NASA's Athlete of the Year Awards are very special honors placed on the winners each year for their outstanding lifting accomplishments along with their contribution to NASA and the Sport of Powerlifting. Outside of lifting ability things that are counted are Loyalty to the Organization, Fellowship within the Organization and Contribution of time and efforts to other lifters and the Organization. Many lifters, and people in general, are only concerned about what they can get for themselves from every situation they encounter. They could care less about anyone or anything unless it can directly benefit them!! NASA has always been an organization that has put special emphasis on the word "Others". What we can do for "Others". That's why we have always had a strong following of family and religious oriented lifters. It's one thing to be a great lifter, but when you have spent your entire lifting career just doing for yourself the top can be a very lonely place. On the other hand, when you have climbed to greatness and helped others along the way, you have many who will share the honor and reward with you. Many times a World or National Champion Lifter has won the Gold, only to have no one to share the victory with- a very shallow victory indeed.

NASA can assure us, that by becoming a Nominee for one of these Top Honor's we have amassed a great accomplishment indeed. Selection as one of the very best nationwide is a great honor, not merely for being an Outstanding Lifter , but also for being recognized by others for our lifting abilities and our sharing, caring and loyalty. Sharing, Caring and Loyalty- the backbone of any good relationship, the foundation of a great marriage and the warmth felt deep inside your chest when you do it. All of us need to try doing a little bit more for "Others". This sense of warmth and well being will fill your heart and sole and will spread like an epidemic throughout an organization and will manifest itself in all others that encounter it. This is what NASA, as a Powerlifting Organization, can offer you as a human being, as well as a Lifter. NASA believes in doing for Others. We believe in family values, that a man's word should be good until proven otherwise and that Loyalty, not only to our Organization but to Family, Friends and God, is the mirror of one's on inner self.

In NASA we think "We" not "Me".

The Lifters that are Nominated are an example of Lifting Ability, Honor, Respect, Loyalty and above all they are held in the highest esteem by their fellow lifters. These are truely the Highest Awards an organization can bestow one of its members. These lifters are chosen nationwide and from our entire NASA Membership. The Over-All Athlete of the Year receives a Beautiful Large Plaque, Lifetime NASA Membership, and one Free Entry in Every NASA Meet for Life!

1998 Men's and Women's Athlete of the Year Nominee's

The 9th Annual NASA National Award Banquet

Saturday February 27th @ The 1999 NASA Natural Nationals

6:30 pm ** Oklahoma City

Cost will be $15.00 per person ( all you can eat buffet)

The 9th Annual National Awards Banquet will introduce a new & exciting format.This year we will be entertained by UB Productions & Shelby Jones, & under the direction of NASA VP Danny Black. There will be several surprises in store. More details will be annouced in the coming weeks along with the 1998 Official Nominee's. Don't miss this once a lifetime event!!!!!!!!

Past Over-All Athlete of the Year Winners

1998 ????????????????

1997 Joe Dentice (Nv)

1996 Donnie Cole (Tx)

1995 Jim Duree (Ks)

1994 Shelby Jones (Tx)

1993 Dave Kennedy (Ks)

1992 Murice Smith (WV)

1991 Barbara Miller (NY)

1990 Daryl Johnson (Ar)


(A ll nominee's will be sent notices by mail/e-mail & your intention on attending the function this year.)


Shay Fanning(tx)**Mike Ewoldsen(ks)**Mark Woodworth(oh)

Pure Novice

Todd Vickers(oh)**Bubba Melton(tn)**Donald Legarreta(az)


Chad Coy(in)**John Hoffman(tx)**Jeff Capps(tx)


Jon Marshall(az)**Alphonse Ambeau(la)**Zane Kremplin(ok)


Henry Thomason(tx)**Brian Mann(ks)**Michael Hall(tx)

High School

Trever Hepner(ok)**Kerry Rice(tx)**Chad McAlister(ok)


Jemericas Joshua(tx)**Wes Chavalier(la)**Tyson Myers(ks)

Sub-Masters 1

Mike Scheffler(tx)**Pete Jackson(ks)**David Oyler(il)

Sub-Masters 2

Terry Perkins(oh)**Paris Mason(ne)**Wayne Hammes(ia)

Masters 1

Tom Weeks(nh)**Bill Tarras(fl)**Bob Johnson(mo)

Masters 2

Keith Pickens(il)**Earl Davis(il)**Jim Duree(ks)

Masters 3

Bill Shackelford(fl)** Daryl Johnson(ar)**John Herbein(pa)

Masters 4

David Bourland(tx)

Masters 5

Donnie Cole(tx)**Tom Tinsmen(ar)**Terry Wright, Sr(ia)


(A ll nominee's will be sent notices by mail/e-mail & your intention on attending the function this year.)

Note: Due to the low Women's turnout at some of the National Meet's, the awards have been consolidated to the catagories listed below.


Deborah McNulty(az)**Bobbie Newgard(ks)**Danielle Wisnieski(tx)


Lorena Titus(ca)**Micki Scheffler(tx)**Olivia Markham(il)


Erin Maxwell(il)**Julie Odom(tx)**Kelli Harr(il)


Allison Bush(tx)**Mandy Upton(il)**Mary Villegas(tx)

High School

Kristin Smith(tx)**Josalyn Whitehead(il)**Talove Chaney(tx)


Mary Hetzel(co)**Karen Sizemore(oh)**Robin Heldman(in)


Sabrina Bagby(mo)**Irena Ciesielski(nv)**Dera Lehans-Scott(nh)

Masters(50 &over)

Kay Lamb(il)**Betty Tenorio(il)**Bonnie McPeak(wv)

(A ll nominee's will be sent notices by mail/e-mail & your intention on attending the function this year.)



Eddie Payne(nc)**Jeff Capps(tx)**Steve Wisnieski(tx)


Mary Silvani(oh)**Darla Ewoldsen(ks)**Erin Maxwell(il)


Keith Pickens(il) **Chad Coy(in)**Jeff Capps(tx)

Youth Development Nominee's

Mitch Gill(il)** Bethany Schwaniger(il)**Tad Peters(ok)**David Wisnieski(tx)** Blythe Goodin(tx)