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NASA's Awards Are Second To None!

The "Absolute Best" Powerlifting Awards In The World

These are only a few of the Awards NASA presents to the winners of our competitions. NASA uses a unique awards system where all lifters are ranked according to our on coefficient system and the award winners are called out in order of their over-all ranking with the other competitors in the competition that day. This method of awards presentation allows for the best lifters in the meet to have their choice of the awards and creates true competition within the entire event between all lifters that are entered. NASA's award system is the purest type of competition in the sport of Powerlifting today.

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New - Gigantic 6" National Championship Medals




They're Here!!!!

Now Black, Red and Green Championships Belts


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Team Awards - High School Nationals

4'-6' Team Trophies




Large "Classic" Sculptured Trophies
Since 1988

Large "Classic" Sculptured Trophies
Since 1988

4" Medals

3" Power Sports Medals

2.5" Medals

Typical NASA Awards Table