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240 pages of Current Information


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Qualifying Requirements for National Meets

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"The Bar Is Loaded" by Fred Ashford

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Ask the Master Q & A

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Team Championships - Divisions




Special Awards Administration

NASA Lifters of the Decade - Hall of Champions

2007 Lifter of the Month Awards

2008 Lifter of the Month Awards

NASA Hall of Fame

NASA Awards

Athlete of the Year Points System

Terry McGowan Memorial Award

Jim Ayers Memorial Award

Chris Wren Memorial Award

Eddy Payne Memorial Award

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Executive Committee

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Archives Athlete of the Year & Hall of Fame

Pic's From the Past

Championship Belt Hall of Fame

Tom Manno Tribute Page

My Brother Joe by Jim McDermott

John Lynn Jr. Living Tribute

Pic's from Past Natural Nationals

Rich Peters' Opinions in 2001


1978 Oklahoma Grand Review - Gary Polson

1978 Oklahoma Grand Program

1978 Oklahoma Grand Seminar Ticket

Picture Page Index

Strictly Curls Picture Page

2004 Team NASA Pic's - Laughlin, NV

2004 Team NASA Pic's - Laughlin, NV

2005 Natural Nationals Pictures

NASA Hall of Fame

What is NASA's Athlete of the Year?

1997 Athlete of the Year Winners

1998 Athlete of the Year Winners

1999 Athlete of the Year Winners

2000 Athlete of the Year Winners

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2008 Athlete of the Year Winners

2009 Athlete of the Year Winners

2010 Athlete of the Year Winners

2011 Athlete of the Year Winners

2012 Athlete of the Year Winners

2013 Athlete of the Year Nominees



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