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Rich Peters' Resume


Rich Peters' Accomplishments Are As Follows:

Rich Peters

  • * Attended the University of Oklahoma on Federal Law Enforcement Grant 1975-1980

  • *Police Officer 1975-1979   *Sheriff Candidate 1988 (won primary election)

  • *Head Coach of Team NASA (3 Champion Teams) vs Team AAU '04

  • * Head Coach of Team NASA (2 Champion Teams) vs Team AAU in '03

  • * NASA Coach of the Year 2003

  • * Invented "Power Sports" lifting in 1996 - Copyrighted

  • * Founder of the first High School National Championships

  • * Head Coach of 3 IPF World Championship Teams (Sweden, Norway & Luxembourg)

  • * Head Coach of Jr. World Championship Team (Sweden) World Champions

  • *Head Coach of IPF 2nd Place Jr. World Team (Norway) World Runner-ups

  • * Head Coach of 4 IPF World Champion Lifters

  • *Head Coach of Team NASA Champions at the AAU World Push/Pull Championships

  • * Coached Lifters to more than 30 IPF World Records

  • * Coached more than 160 NASA National Champions

  • * Head Coach of 4 Winning USA Teams in Russia

  • * First USA Meet Director in Russia (Moscow)

  • * 3 Time Strongest Man in Oklahoma Winner at 213 lbs bwt (lightest man in comp)

  • * State Champion Powerlifter (Best Training Lifts 804, 525, 733, 2060) @ 220 lbs

  • * Only Meet Director in history to Conduct 4 consecutive USPF Senior Nationals Championships

  • * Has Promoted more than 1300+ Individual Powerlifting Meets in 33+ years - World Record

  • * Has personally witnessed nearly 1,000,000 Powerlifting Attempts

  • * Worlds Foremost Authority on Spotting and Loading

  • * Executive Committee Member of the USPF for 4 years

  • * Served as USPF National Treasurer

  • * First Meet Director to bring Russian Powerlifting Team to US to compete (Atlanta, GA. 1990)


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NEW! Live Seminar Info

I have decided to conduct several live seminars in various locations . These seminars will be done one on one with a limit of only 20 lifters per seminar. They will consist of all of the mechanics of each lift, form, technique, leverage and trouble shooting. I will work with each lifter individually, one on one. I can assure you that everyone who attends these seminars will come out of them with an entirely different view of the sport and a complete working knowledge of each lift. Each lifter will also immediately improve their lifting abilities by as much as 10%-25% within days.

I conducted these seminars back in the late 80's and early 90's and they were extremely successful. But due to time restraints I had to discontinue them. I had a 100% satisfaction rating by everyone who attended these seminars. Most attendee's increased their unequipped and single ply PL'ing Total's by as much as 150 lbs in 90 days. This was BEFORE the introduction of today's "advanced" single ply equipment.

As I read the various posts on different training forums I see that there is a serious need in today's PL'ing and Power Sports world for real, meaningful, training advice and instruction.

If there is anything you are not happy with as far as your training these seminars will answer your questions. No question will remain unanswered. You will be able to increase your lifting ability regardless of your current level of success.

If you have ever had depth problems in the squat, bombed out on any lift or had injuries of any type, this is the seminar for you! I will help you eliminate any and all of these problems immediately.

My seminars are a no nonsense approach to Powerlifting and Power Sports training. No gimmicks, no fads and absolutely no stipulations as to your success. I also offer one on one personal advice to all seminar students after the seminar. This is essential in your training as new problems will arise as your lifting increases.

If you are tired of spending countless amounts of money on equipment and fad programs and you feel you are ready to become a real, successful powerlifter or Power Sports lifter, these seminars are for you.

These seminars are especially designed for beginner through advanced lifters and especially for high school coaches. No question will be unanswered. You will get complete answers with full explanations and demonstrations.

All attendee's will also be given a coupon for a full 25% discount on all of my Training DVD's. These DVD's will be especially helpful once you are personally instructed at the seminar. Each attendee will also be give a simple handout with explanations on various topics I cover during the seminar.

This is your opportunity to add massive amounts of weight to your Total or your Single Lift.

Quit spending hundreds of dollars on equipment and supplements before you learn the true mechanics of the sport. Why not get the real tools you need to become a real lifter.

After attending our seminars you will probably never be faced with injuries related to your lifting, never bomb out and completely eliminate squat depth problems. All of this while continually adding lbs to your lifts and your total, regardless of your experience level or current total.

We will be doing these seminars on Saturdays and will have an open workout scheduled for Sunday, mid morning, for those that would like to workout and be totally examined. I will personally evaluate each lifters lifting on Saturday during the seminar and will critic each lifters form on Sunday during the workout if the lifter chooses to participate, which I highly recommend.

More on the dates, location and cost in the next week. I do plan to do one seminar in March and one in the fall. Remember, each week you wait you will lose valuable lbs on your total. Each seminar will be absolutely limited to the first 20 lifters, no more. I do this so I can personally work with and evaluate each and every lifter.

Never be forced to ask for advice again on an internet forum. Now you have the chance to be the Answer Man!
internet forum. Now you have the chance to be the Answer Man!