NASA Coming Events
2013 - 2014 Events Calendar

Meets which have "all events" will offer Equipped & Unequipped Powerlifting, Bench Press Only, Push Pull. In addition these meets will offer Power Sports & Power Press


19th - Ohio State, All Events (see entry form), Springfield, OH

26th - New Mexico State, All Events (see entry form), Gallup, NM

26th - West Virginia State, All Events except Power Clean, Ravenswood, WV (Greg VanHoose) Word Format



3rd - West Texas Open, All Events, Amarillo, TX

3rd - Wisconsin Regional, All Events, Sheboygan, WI

10th - Manno Classic Western States Nationals, All Events,  Phoenix, AZ

17th - Tennessee State, All Events, Counce, TN (Just south of Savannah, TN & 80 miles east of Memphis)

17th - Kentucky State, All Events except Power Clean, Morehead, KY (Greg Van Hoose) (Word Format)

24th - Bench Press, Power Sports, Power Press and Push Pull Nationals, Des Moines, IA.

31st -



6th - 1st Annual NASA Women's Nationals, (All Events) Laughlin, NV (Word or PDF)

7th & 8th - USA National, All Events, (All Events) Laughlin, NV (Word or PDF)

14th - East Texas Open, All Events, Gilmer, TX   (Word Version  or  PDF Version)

21st & 22nd - Open Nationals, All Events (see entry form) Springfield, Ohio - PDF or WORD

28th -



5th -

12th & 13th - Grand Nationals, All Events (see entry form), Sheboygan, WI

19th -

26th -



2nd -

9th & 10th - World Cup of Power, All Events, Oklahoma City, OK

16th -

23rd - Colorado Grand, All Events (see entry form), Loveland, CO

30th -



6th -

13th - Texas State Cookout Open, All Events, Gilmer, TX

20th -

27th - New Mexico Regional, (all events), Roswell, NM



4th -

11th & 12th - Unequipped Nationals, All Events, Springfield, OH

18th - The 38th Annual Oklahoma Grand, All Events, Oklahoma City, OK

25th -  Colorado Regional, All Events, Loveland, CO



1st - Iowa Regional, All Events, Des Moines, IA

8th & 9th - Arizona West Coast Nationals, All Events, Phoenix, AZ

15th & 16th - Masters & Sub Masters Nationals, Ages 30 and Up, All Events, Dallas, TX

15th & 16th - Texas Regional, (held with the Masters Nationals) All Events,  Dallas, TX

22nd - Kansas Regional, All Events, Salina, KS

29th - West Texas Regional, All Events, Amarillo, TX (Booked)



6th - Missouri Regional, All Events,  MO

13th -

20th - Illinois Christmas Regional, All Events, Flora, IL

27th - New Mexico Christmas Regional, Roswell, NM