24th Annual Gold Card Sale

** A Very Limited Supply Available Now **

This is a Special Offer for lifters who are my Friends on Facebook. The general lifter posulation will be offered what cards are remaining after this sale at a higher price. As long as your order is processed you have a Gold Card. When these special offer Gold Cards are sold the price will go up. As long as the price stay the same cards are available. Once the price goes up you must pay the higher price to get one. Very limited number of these special priced cardsare available.

This particular sale will end on July 1st and then the price will go up if any Gold Cards are remaining.


The Smartest Way To Compete In Powerlifting

Over $650.00 - $750.00 in Entry Fee's

For Only

$320.00 ~ Gold Card

10 Entries in ANY NASA Meet conducted by Rich Peters - State, Regional or National Events

Only $32.00 per entry, used whenever you like!

No Time Limit On Use

Enter 1-10 Divisions until card is used up. No Time Limit for use!


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The "Gold Card" Special offers a 10 Entry Gold Card for Only $310.00

These entries can be used at any time and are Non-expiring. Good for MOST State, Regional, National and World Meets.


Mail In Orders On This Special - PayPal or Credit Card Orders

Very Special Discount- If you enter by mail and pay by Money Order, your Gold Card price is only $310.00 each. This saves us the CC expenses and saves you money.

MasterCard - Visa - Discover - American Express or Echeck (up to 2 weeks)

or PayPal's New Bill Me Later (simply go to checkout and use that option)

Order today by sending Check, Money Order or Cashiers Check Only for $310.00 to:

NASA Gold, P.O. Box 735, Noble, OK. 73068


Make All Payments to: Rich Peters

To order by Credit Card use PayPal or our own Credit Card form below

Information on NASA Gold Cards

Are Gold Cards something new to NASA?

No. NASA has sold Gold Cards to our members for 24+ years. These are offered to all our lifters in an effort to reduce your entry expense for meets and to promote NASA meets.

 Extra Savings Tip!

Many lifters who purchase Gold Cards will use their new Gold Card to enter the first Division only in a meet and enter additional Divisions paying cash since the additional entries in a meet are much less. This makes your Gold Card worth even more and saves your punches.

What is a Gold Card?

A Gold Card is a Punch Card that allows the owner to enter 10 Divisions in whatever meets and events he or she desires, State, Regional, National or World Cup. Gold Cards are non-expiring and the Entries last as long as you like.


How Do You Use A Gold Card?

You just mail it in with your regular entry form instead of a check or money order. If you enter on-line you simply pre-order by PayPal ($1.00 fee) bring your Gold Card to the meet with you and have it with you at check-in. You are still required to submit an entry by the entry deadline date though. This saves you from having to send in a $60-$75 Entry Fee. Many lifters who purchase Gold Cards will use their Gold Card for their first entry fee and pay the additional entries in cash. This allows you to get the most out of your new Gold Card. With a Gold Card, your Entries are costing you much less and they are Pre-Paid. Your Gold Card is punched for Only the number of divisions that you decide to enter for each meet and returned to you at that meet. If you can't make the meet, your card isn't punched. If you mail your entry in early, it is mailed back to you or returned to you at the meet.


Can I mix and Match my Gold Card Entries and Paid Entries?

Yes. In fact, many lifters use their Gold Card for their first entry fee and then pay the second division entry fee to maximize their Gold Cards.


How Long Can I Take To Use Up My 10 Entries?

As long as you like. One meet or until your entries are all used. Non-Expiring! Some lifters have used these for over 10+ years while some use them in 1-2 meets. The choice is yours.


Can Anyone Else use on my Gold Card?

No. At this Very Special Price only the purchaser is allowed to use their Gold Card.

 How Do I Get One other than by Credit Card?

Mail In Orders On This Special

Non-Credit Card Orders

Just send your Check, Cashiers Check or Money Order immediately in the amount of $310.00 to:

NASA Gold, P.O. Box 735, Noble, OK. 73068



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