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NASA Hall of Fame Winners



2004 - Lifters 2004 - Administrators
Daryl Johnson, AR. 2004                  Rich Peters, OK.  2004               
Shelby Jones, TX. 2004 Tobey Johnson, AR.  2004
Mike Ewoldson, KS.  2004  
Mary Hetzel, CO.  2004  
2005 - Lifters 2005 - Administrators
Terry Perkins, OH.  2005 Danny Black, OK.  2005
Jim McDermott, CO.  2005 Greg & Susan Van Hoose, WV. 2005
Bill Shackleford, FL.  2005 Lindell & Mable Smith IL. 2005
Dale Rhoades, IA.  2005  
Kay Lamb, IL.  2005  
2006 - Lifters 2006 - Admistrators
Earl Evatt, AZ. 2006 Tom Bagby, MO.  2006
Mark Woodworth, OH. 2006 Jim Ayers, KS. 2006
Terry Hedrick, TX. 2006 Don Taylor, TX. 2006
Chuck Cookson, KS. 2006  
2007 - Lifters 2007 - Administrators
David Oyler, IL  2007 Steve Wisnieski, TX  2007
Danny Gill, IL  2007 Robbin Hedrick, TX  2007
Stephanie Gibson, OH  2007  
Bobby Wilson, NC  2007  
Steve Goldberg, AZ  2007  
2008 - Lifters 2008 - Administrators
JT Hall, KY 2008 Gary Scholl, OH   2008
Tom Manno, AZ 2008 Mike Licciardi, FL   2008
Mike Adelmann, NM 2008 Chris & Gina Oliger, IN  2008
Sabrina Bagby, MO 2008 Bo Casto, WV  2008
Larry Donahue, OH 2008  
2009 - Lifters 2009 - Administrators
Lisa & Carlos Siddell, NM  2009 Darla Ewoldsen, KS 2009
Dianne Manno, AZ  2009 Laura Anderson, MO 2009
Sam Stewart, OH  2009  
Dave Kennedy, KS  2009  
Bill Anderson, MO  2009  
2010 - Lifters 2010 - Administrators
Gary Schuster, NM 2010 John McIntyre, CO
James Hodges, AR 2010 Bob Cook, TX
Marty Einstein, AZ 2010 Larry Prince, TX  2010
Steve Korff, WI  2010  
Casey Brown, CO  2010  
2011 - Lifters 2011 - Administrators
Wayne Hammes, IA  2011 Lisa Siddell, NM   2011
Walt Sword, AZ   2011  
Robbin Hedrick, TX  2011  
Fred Ashford, CA   2011  
Elaine Waugh, NM   2011  
Jack Robinson, CO  2011  
Mark Mitchell, KS  2011  
2012 - Lifters 2012 - Administrators
Fred Milan, AZ  2012 Sylvia Wilson, NC  2012
Win Smith, MO   2012  
Willie Agnew, MS  2012  
Lee Elliff, TX  2012  
Neil Eddins, TX  2012  
Robert Dilworth, MS  2012  
Art Capstick, MO  2012  
2013 - Lifters (Final) 2013 - Administrators (Final)
Tyson Meyers - KS  2013 George & Cindy Wells - TX  2013
Tim Locke - TN  2013 Robert Shackleford - TN  2013
Coby Cardin - OK   2013 Hazel Donahue - OH  2013
Rich Kahle - NM  2013  
Pat Frock - OH  2013
2014 Lifters (Final) 2014 Administrators (Final)
Jeff Blaine- IA Tad Peters- OK
Ray Ortiz- OK Sharla & Mike Fowler - TX
Krysti Hughes - CO  
Richard Byars - CO  
Rich Baker- IA  

Other Bio's

2010 NASA Hall of Fame Inductee - John McIntyre, Colorado

My name is John R. McIntyre.  I am most honored and proud to be inducted into the NASA Hall Of Fame for 2010 !   I was born January 21, 1935 in Jeffersonville, IN.  I began my lifting career in 1953 in Olympic lifting.  I continued in this sport for 23 years collecting over 200 1st place awards.  My family and I relocated to Denver in 1973 and after a couple of years rest I began to channel my workouts towards Powerlifting. I competed in six different decades, between my Olympic Lifting and Powerlifting. 

In the late 1980's my son Bob and I decided we wanted to compete in Powerlifting.  In 1990, we began competing in NASA competitions.  Bob, in his own right a great lifter, won a World Championship in Equipped Bench and I was lucky enough to win multiple State,  American and World Championships in various Master Divisions.  I still hold the State, American and World Records in these divisions.  I've had the privilege of being a NASA National Referee for 10 years

 I was fortunate in becoming the 1st known Drug-Free Master Lifter to succesfully Bench Press in excess of 400 pounds (BP 425) in competition after the age of 70.  ( "John Bench Pressed 414 lb at the NASA 2005 Bench Press Nationals + 2 months later completed a 3-white light 425 lb Bench Press, Masters 4 at the NASA CO State, April 30, 2005 !" Quote-Jim McDermott)  

None of this would have been possible without the support and caring of my wife of 54 years, Janet, and my training partner and son, Bob I also want to thank Jim McDermott who has unselfishly supported and promoted powerlifting in the state of Colorado for many years. 

I would like to close by saying, that if I started life over again and decided to pick a sport to compete in, (considering the people I have met, trained with, competed with and against) without a doubt, the sport would be Powerlifting and the organization NASA, so aptly owned and operated by Mr. Rich Peters !

Sincerely,   John McIntyre



2007 Inductee's

Awards will be presented at the 2008 National Awards Banquet on Jan. 26th, 2008


David Oyler, IL

I am truly honored to be selected into the NASA Hall of Fame.  I have been an active member in NASA for 19 years.  I really appreciate the family orientation that NASA has established as I was able to work with my son Michael and see his development in lifting as he won 3 consecutive Youth Athlete of the Year Awards.  In addition, I have truly made life long friends through NASA.

I lifted in my first Natural Naturals in 1988 and have been a strong supporter of NASA ever since.  In 1990 I won my first NASA National meet by winning my division in the Grand Nationals in Atlanta GA when the USSR team lifted in the USA. 

In 1991 I was selected to lift on the NASA team and traveled to the USSR and Sweden winning my weight class in both of those International competitions.

I won my first World Cup title in 1995.  I have won 12 Natural Nationals, 2 Grand National Championships, and 8 World Cups.

I became a National Referee in 1996 and have served as referee in numerous World, National and Regional championships since 1997.  I have also been the meet director for 3 Mid-States Regional Championships and 3 State meets.

I was selected to the NASA Team vs. AAU in 2004 in Laughlin, NV.

I was selected to the NASA Team vs. USPF in 2006 in Las Vegas.

I was selected to the NASA Blue tem in 2007 in Las Vegas

I hold or have held multiple records at the State, Regional, American and World levels with NASA including the current (2007) SHW Masters 1 World Deadlift Record and SHW Masters Pure Deadlift and Total records.

In 1996 I won the Sub-Master Athlete of the Year Award and I won an Athlete of the Year Award every year from 1996 to 2005 when I was awarded the NASA Overall Athlete of the Year Award


Danny Gill, IL


I was never an athlete. I also have never been concerned with being "better" than somebody else. Powerlifting was made for me. Since beginning powerlifting, I have achieved physical success I wouldn't have dream of as a young man. I have never been in  a situation where I have competed against somebody else, because years ago Rich Peters explained to a group of us that we all compete against the weight and ourselves. Because of that, I have challenged myself for the duration of my powerlifting career and been fortunate enough to make gains every year.

Powerlifting in NASA has always been about "Family" for me. When we started so many years ago, NASA and my fellow lifters from The Gym were an extended family. That family grew in Dallas when I met the Johnsons with Doc taking the time to teach me how to deadlift and taking me in as part of their family. The NASA family grew, and continues to grow every time there is a meet. Even better for me was the fact NASA powerlifting has given me a chance to share the experience with not only my wife, Cheri, and son, Mitch, but also with my sister, Diana and mom, Neoma. NASA powerlifting is truly a family experience where you meet strangers and become friends because while you are in the same age, weight and division as them, you are competing against the iron and yourself. Some days you have the bigger numbers and others somebody else does.
Powerlifing has also been an outstanding tool for me to be able to witness my love for Christ. My most successful meet ever was when we took about 30 people to the Natural Nationals. I don't know where I finished that year, but on the plane ride home, I witnessed to a young man in our group and after we got home, he came to Christ and was baptisted into the body. We never do a meet without praying first.
I couldn't have made this journey without so many people I won't attempt to thank them all. I just know powerlifting has made my life better and it will always be a part of who I am.
Dan Gill


Stephanie Gibson, OH

It has been a tremendous honor and an absolute privilege to be part of this great organization. It is with great pride that I accept this induction into the NASA Hall of Fame.

Bobby Wilson, NC

I started with NASA in 1997. I have been in Powerlifting since 1978. I have lifted in other organization. When I started back in 1997 my first meet was in Flora, Illinois. This was the Tri State Regional. It was 935 miles from where I lived. I remember talking to Smitty on the phone, he said you could probably find a meet closer by, but I was anxious to lift. This was my first NASA meet. I was hooked! NASA is the best organization that I have ever lifted in. It has a friendly, family atmosphere. I have made lots of friends, which is more like a family over the years. My wife and I have driven to Oklahoma City 9 times over the last 10 years. It is like going to a family reunion instead of a Power Meet. NASA has some of the best lifters in the world.
    To be chosen for the NASA Hall Of Fame is a great honor. Just to be on the platform with the great lifters of NASA is an Honor within its self.
    I always look forward to the World Cup every year for the lifting. But most of all, after Sundays lifting, we all go out to eat and enjoy each others company. Then we all go and set around the pool at the hotel and catch up on life, tell about what has happened since we last saw each other. But most of all to just laugh and enjoy each others company. Rich should write a book, It would be a best seller, on how to enjoy life and just laugh.
    Thanks to all the great lifters, such as Tom Manno, Steve Cyranoski and Mike Ewoldson.  I thank them for all the help that each one of you have given me over the years.
    But most of all I want to thank Rich Peters for making NASA what it is today. The best organization that a lifter would want to lift in.
    Thank you and God Bless You.
Steve Goldberg, AZ

Wow! I really don’t know what to say. I can not begin to tell you how honored I am to be inducted into the NASA Hall Of Fame. I started my powerlifting career when I was 23 years old and 114lbs. Who would have thought that 15 years later I would still be competing? I love NASA and ready to do another 15 years. Again thank you this is one of the best things to happen to me.



Steve Wisnieski, TX

My powerlifting career started in 1981, and I began lifting with Rich Peters and the NASA organization in 1991. I was just coming off almost 4 years of hard rehab from a PCL reconstruction, when I found a NASA meet in Cincinnati, Ohio. I was rather skeptical of the organization of the meet, but found that I really liked the atmosphere and the camaraderie of the lifters, so I chose to continue with NASA. After the meet, I introduced myself to Terry McGowan, and we talked about what I saw, and he challenged me to become a part of the NASA family, and make NASA a better organization. I accepted that challenge, and I have been with NASA ever since. In all my years with NASA, I have worn just about every hat there is to wear, from spotter/loader, referee, meet head referee, announcer, score table, load/unload, door man, lifter, occasional babysitter..and once, back up for Rich and Tom Manno when an angry lifter threatened….sometimes doing several jobs in a single meet! I have won several Natural Nationals, World Cups, and have been Referee and Co-Referee of the year. I was selected for the Terry McGowan Memorial Referee Award, which was a very special award for me personally. Terry was my refereeing mentor in NASA, and he taught me so many things that ARE NOT in the rule book about judging. He was also very good at interpreting Rich Peters to me when I could not fathom what Rich was doing/saying J To now be selected to the NASA Hall of Fame is a genuinely humbling award for me, because I am now in the selected company of the FINEST people in NASA. AS I continue on with NASA, I hope that I can continue to live up the high standards expected of me.


Robbin Hedrick, TX

Robbin (left) shown presenting Teale Adelmann her award

Robbin's Comments

Back in 1984, I went to my first powerlifting meet to watch Terry.  I was
bored to death.  In 1998, I decided to start training with Terry and
decided that I also wanted to compete.  I went to my first NASA meet in
June of ’98; Danny Black was the meet director.  Terry told Danny, that I
could help him, if he needed help; Danny said ‘That’s fine, but she will
not be able to keep up with me’; back then they had to do everything with
pencil and calculator, to his surprise, I kept up with him.  I love helping
at the meets.  I would rather help and watch everyone else compete than to
compete.  I remember the first year we went to Laughlin as a team, after
everyone had received all of their team equipment, Rich, Terry and I looked
at each other and said “we pulled it off”, it was such a great feeling and
to know that we were there as a team and family, that meant a lot.  I love
my NASA family and Terry and I have met friends that will be friends for
life.  I plan on helping at the meets as long as I possibly can; it’s
always great to get together with our NASA family.  It is such an honor to
be inducted into the NASA Hall of Fame, thanks from the bottom of my heart.





2006 Inductee's

Awards will be presented at the 2007 National Awards Banquet on Jan. 27th, 2007



Earl Evatt, AZ  

Earl "The Big Cat" from AZ., is NASA's most prolific lifter in history. He has competed in as many as 19 meets in one year including State, Regional and National events. Earl was an Outstanding Bodybuilder for years before he became involved in Powerlifting. He won several titles in AZ and had a very impressive, natural build. It is estimated Earl has attended and/or lifted in, Ref'ed, Announced or assisted in 150+ NASA events. He has held and continues to hold many State and National Records including the Bench Press and Curl. At 73 years young, Earl still competes occasionally and does 303 lbs in the PS & Unequipped Bench Only with regularity. Earl also serves as an announcer, referee and meet assistant in almost all the meets he attends. He also supports all Arizona Events by donating not only his time but 10-20 outstanding and beautiful awards which he himself hand builds. As Earl puts it, "This is my way of supporting NASA." NASA could use several more loyal members like the honorable Earl Evatt. Earl Evatt is a major mainstay in the NASA Community and among the NASA elite. Earl Evatt is a class act as a lifter and a classy human being.


Mark Woodworth, OH  
Mark Woodworth has been an active member of the Natural Athletes Strength Association for 15 years. 
Mark started with NASA in Dallas, Tx. (1992) His first meet was The Texas State Meet.  He has won State, and Regional Meets in Texas.  In 1997 Mark move back to Ohio were his roots are.  In Ohio he also won at the State, and Regional Meets.
Nationally he was the first NASA lifter to win the NASA Triple Crown.  This consisted of winning in the same year. (1993 Junior Nationals, Novice Nationals and Natural Nationals)
He has won 9 Natural Nationals, 7 World Cups, 2 Grand Nationals 5 Submaster Nationals.
In 1997 won his weight class in the very first NASA Power Sports Nationals in Dallas.
Mark was the Texas State Record Chairman from 1993-97, and the Ohio Chairman from 1997-2002.
Has been a National Referee with NASA since 1993.
Selected to the NASA Team vs AAU in 04 Laughlin, Nv. and 06 OKC.
Selected to the NASA Team vs USPF in 06 Las Vegas.
Mark holds or has held multiple records at the State, Regional, American and World levels with NASA.  Weight classes held 148, 154 and 165.
Awards won:  Novice Athlete of the year, Submasters 1 and 2  athlete of the year and Open Athlete of the year.  Received runner up Athlete of the year 5 times.  In 1997 was Co-Male Athlete of the year with Joe Dentice.


Terry Hedrick, TX  

Terry has already won the highest award NASA presents to only it's Best Athletes, the coveted "Over All Athlete of the Year" award. This award has only been won by 16 Athletes in NASA over the past 16 years. Terry is a fine strength athlete who has won numerous National events and has set many American and World records in his career. Terry has been a constant member of NASA since we began. He has lifted in Rich Peters events for 21 years. Terry has also earned the reputation of being one of the absolute best spotter loaders in the world. He has done it all in NASA, lifter, spotter loader, coach, meet assistant, Referee. As Rich Peters has stated many times, "If you were going to build an organization from the ground up, Terry would be the first person I would pick." A true roll model for all future NASA greats and future Athlete of the Year winners. Not merely a lifter. A lifters lifter. Terry can always be seen helping others at al major NASA events. Terry is like the energizer bunny, he never stops giving or going! As Rich Peters sums up his description of Terry Hedrick , "Terry Hedrick is like my right arm during a national meet."


Chuck Cookson, KS  

Chuck has been a member of NASA since the beginning in 1990. I started competing in 1993 at State meet. He has been competing in NASA and NASA only since then. He has won 6 National titles and 3 world titles and 8 State Championships. He has held American Records in two different divisions, Sub Masters Pure and the Police & Fire division in the 308 and 275 weight classes. Chuck is also a quality National Referee. He has served as Head Referee in several National, State and Regional competitions. When it comes to NASA in Kansas Chuck can always be counted on being at the events helping the lifters and the meet directors with the operations of the meet and helping lifters that are in need of help and assistance. He is one of those quality lifters/people who actually put others ahead of himself when it comes meet day. Chuck is backed up and supported by his wife Mary and 4 wonderful children. Mary is always available to help with the events she attends and the kids are either all lifting or working the events. NASA meets are a complete family affair for the entire Cookson Family and Chuck is the leader. NASA is blessed to have such a wonderful family as an integral part of our organization.



Tom Bagby, MO  

"Mr. Dependable", that describes Tom Bagby. Tom along with Terry Hedrick are two of NASA's best support members. Rich Peters calls Tom "Mr. Dependable" as he is always there and always ahead of things. With Tom involved with a NASA meet, things will  get done, like clockwork. Tom has also been a great coach, lifter and husband. He has supported his wife, Sabrina for years in her lifting and shows his dedication and love to her and their marriage by supporting her lifting career. Tom is also an excellent ref. Tom has been serving as a lifter, coach, ref and spotter loader for 14 years exclusively in NASA. Tom is a great asset to NASA as an organization but also to our lifters. He is constantly seen helping, assisting and coaching lifters that are at the meet alone or without coaches and lifters in distress. Tom has been many a lifter's salvation on meet day. Rich Peters says of Tom Bagby, "If Terry Hedrick is my right arm, Tom is my left. And they both work as a team."


Jim Ayers, KS  

Jim passed away this past July. He was one of the original founders of NASA and he orchestrated the design of the official NASA logo which is still used today for all official NASA publications, T-shirts and Uniforms. He was an Outstanding Lifter in many Bench Press events including the Natural Nationals, Bench Press Nationals, World Cup. He has held numerous State, American and World Records in the Bench Press. His greatest BP'es were in excess of 500 lbs and his most recent accomplishment was a 400 lb. Unequipped American Record of 402 lbs at age 60 just months before his passing. Jim also was instrumental in assisting Rich Peters in being the first American Organization to ever bring the Russian Team to the USA in 1992. Jim was also instrumental in coordinating the 3 trips that NASA took to Russia in the '90's. NASA sent 3 teams that competed with Russian, Finnish and other lifters in Europe where we won all head to head match ups thanks in a great part to Jim Ayers. Jim will be greatly missed by all that knew him and especially by his friends and the NASA leadership. Men and friends like Jim Ayers are not replaced they are missed for eternity. God Bless You Jim. You will be greatly missed and forever remembered.


Don Taylor, TX  

The Grand Master of NASA supporters and Ref's. One of the finest men that has ever graced NASA by his membership. Don began lifting weights in 1954 in West Texas.  In 1958 he started working and training in gyms in Odessa and Midland, Texas.  In 1962 he moved to Houston, Texas where he continued his weight training and participation in powerlifting.  He became powerlifting coach at Bellaire high school in 1984 where, until recently, he continued to be affiliated with Bellaire’s powerliftng program.  Since the early 1980's, Don has been involved in the promotion of powerlifting meets for USPF, NASA, Texas High School Powerlifting, and Texas Women’s High School Powerlifting, judging for USPF, NASA, Texas High School Powerlifting, and Texas Women’s High School Powerlifting meets, and a participant as a lifter in many meets.  Don has also held several NASA American and World Records in his lifting career. Because of his belief in prohibiting drugs and limiting equipment, he now is involved only with NASA and high school meets.   He was NASA’s 2002 Athlete of the Year Men’s Masters-3, 2003 Athlete of the year Runner-up Masters 3 lifter of the year, and 2004 Athlete of the Year- Male Referee of the Year Runner up. For years Don brought his sons to NASA meets in Texas including several HS Nationals. One of those sons, Garrett, is now a HS Coach in south Texas and hosts 2 NASA events each year. Don is a great leader, advisor and diplomat that many in NASA look up to and respect.


2005 Inductee's

Awards will be presented at the 2006 National Awards Banquet on Jan. 28th, 2006

Terry Perkins, OH.


Terry competed in the First Natural Nationals in 1986 and since then has captured over 20 World or National Title’s in a 20+year powerlifting career.  Selected as Team USA member vs. Russia in 1990, in Atlanta, and again in 1991 in the Soviet Union. After consecutive defeats in 1993-1994 and near ending quadricep injury in 1995, Terry, rebounded in 1997 that included eighteen World and twenty-five American records in four different weight classes including; multiple National Championships.  Terry has been awarded outstanding lifter in each of the events since then. In 2000, Terry was voted and elected as one of the Tri-athletes of the Decade.

In 2004, Terry was selected for Team N.A.S.A. vs. A.A.U. Terry is also a nationally certified N.A.S.A. referee and works tirelessly at N.A.S.A. events as a spotter loader.

Terry is a dedicated family man who volunteers as a high school wrestling coach in his home town of Granville, Ohio, where he and his wife Donna are raising five children.


Jim McDermott, CO.  

NASA 2004 Co-Winner Male Athlete of the Year; Male Athlete Power Lifting Masters 2, 2000 and 2004; National Coach of the Year 1996 and 1997; 75+ World/American Records (mostly Bench Press); 13 National Titles; 6 World Cup Titles.  1st Competition Jan. 4, 1964-Olympic Lifting 1st Pl.  Competed in Olympic Lifting, PowerLifting and Physique 1964-1972.  Olympic Lifting being my main emphasis at the time (Standing Press 305 at 145).  Began Masters Lifting Career in 1988, competing with NASA since 1991.    Best Lifts at 181, Squat-550, Bench Press-400, Dead Lift-485. 


Coached 7 World Championship Teams between 1980 and 2004.  Coached the McDermott Lifting Team to 22 National Titles.  McDermott Team Members set more than 50 World/American Records at both the 1996 and 2004 World Cup.  NASA Colorado State Chairman 1999-2005.  National Referee, National Records Certificate Chairperson and Assistant Meet Director (State and National).  Younger Brother of Mentor and Hero, Joe McDermott.

Probably should add that during my lifting career I have met some very important and famous people in the "IRON GAME" - Bob Hoffman, John Grimek, Chuck Vinci and Rich Peters!


Bill Shackleford, FL.  




Dale Rhoades, IA.


His lifting career began in 1962, and until 1987, his primary focus revolved around olympic lifting (7 National titles, 5 master's American records, inducted into the American Weightlifting Association hall of fame in 2000). In 1988, Dale lifted in his 1st NASA meet and have set 69 American records in the 3 lifts and total while winning 6 Nationals (best lifts 650 squat, 347 bench and 644 deadlift at 189 lbs in M2).
Coaching: 1992, Dale founded Des Moines Strength Institute and he has coached lifters to 29 NASA national titles, 259 American records and 1 national team title. I've helped host the Iowa state and regional meets for the past 6 years, and served as a  state chairman for the past 12 years, getting my national referee's liscence 7 years ago.  
Kay Lamb, IL.  

Kay came to powerlifting as a result of a community college
weightlifting class. She joined the class to spend time with her
youngest daughter and when she first started weight training, she
refused to come into the area where most people lifted, opting instead
to hide in an upstairs part of the The Gym to "Tone and Trim."
She agreed to try the three lifts to tighten and tone. The result is a
multi-times National and World champion powerlifter, who continues to
make improvements into her 60s. Her powerlifting idol is Dr. Daryl
Johnson. Kay holds numerous records in both the Masters 2 and Masters 3
divisions. She will continue to train and plans on lifting the weekend
of the Hall of Fame induction. Kay is married to Larry Lamb and the
couple reside in Cisne, IL. They have two children, Debbie Lamb and
Jane Stover.

Administrator - Danny Black, OK.


Dan competed in NASA’s first officially sanctioned meet in 1990. He became a NASA crew member later that same year. Dan served as a NASA meet director from 1990 to 1994 and again 1997 to 1999.

Dan was instrumental in bringing NASA’s membership to its peak in the early 90’s to over 5000 strong. He co-directed the largest powerlifting meet in sports history at the 1992 NASA Natural Nationals. He has served as doping control officer and was instrumental in determining NASA’s early drug testing policies.

Dan is a Nationally Certified Referee and is a veteran in conducting over 300 powerlifting meets since 1990. Dan has personally coached two Over-All Athletes of the Year and five lifters to over fifty World and American records.  Also, Dan was selected as Team Coach in 1992 and 2004.

Dan has competed in over fifty powerlifting meets since 1985, that include State, Regional, National and World titles. Dan is currently a member of  the NASA Executive Committee.

Administrator - Greg & Susan Van Hoose, WV.  

Greg and Susan Van Hoose have been involved in NASA since its inception.  They both competed at the first BP Nationals in OK in 1991.  They begin putting on meets in 1992 and have been meet directors in WV, VA, OH, PA, KY and IL, having put on over 50 meets.  Both are national judges.  Greg was a coach for the NASA/AAU National Meet in Richmond in 2004.  Susan is a former American Record holder in the Bench.  They enjoy all the friends they have made in NASA.  Susan is a teacher and Greg is a real estate appraiser.  They are the parents of Will-7, Rebecca-4 and Sarah-2. 

Greg serves as NASA Vice-President.

Administrator - Lindell & Mable Smith,  IL.  

Mable "Bou" Smith never planned on being involved in powerlifting. She
started training in a gym where powerlifting and chalk were not
allowed. She continued that attitude when she opened The Gym -- opting
instead to judge bodybuilding. She was buying fruits and vegetables for
Joey Denton at a meet in LaSalle, IL when her husband told Danny Black
she was a bodybuilding judge. Danny was short of judges at the meet and
managed to talk her into reading the book, then head judging the meet.
She followed that by taking her test and advancing to the National
Judging level. She is a past Referee of the Year. She continues to
judge to this day, plus helps in the training of all the powerlifters
who go through The Gym. She believes the toughest judging an athlete
should ever face is in training. She most admires
Referee Tobey Johnson.

Smitty began lifting and continues to lift for one reason, to show the
young people who compete for The Gym that he does know what he is
talking about. Not a gifted or successful lifter, Smitty has been
successful at not only encouraging young people to lift, but keeping
them involved in the sport after they leave high school. Smitty
believes in the beauty of the sport, something explained to him years
ago by a much thinner Rich Peters at a meet in Effingham, Il. Smitty
and Bou have traveled from Kansas, to Oklahoma, to Texas, to
Pennsylvania and all parts in between with their lifters, plus promoted
meets for NASA. Their annual Tri-State Regional has been running
continuous for more than a decade and each years puts more than $1,000
into the Flora High School cheerleading account.




2004 Inductee's

Awards were presented at the 2004 World Cup

Daryl Johnson, AR. 1990 Over-All Athlete of the Year. Has re-wrote the Record Book in every weight class and division he has lifted. Has won an Athlete of the Year Award every year he has been a member of NASA including Meet Director of the Year, Referee of the Year," Terry McGowan Memorial Award for Excellence", Masters 2 Lifter of Year, Masters 3 Lifter of the Year. One of 3 lifters selected as Athlete of the Decade for the '90's. Competed for NASA on our Russian Tour (Lenengrad and Moscow), winning all of his competitions. Daryl is a sure winner every time he takes the platform.
Shelby Jones, TX. 1994 Over-All Athlete of the Year. NASA's Premier Announcer. Has served as Referee, Spotter, Loader, Lifter. Still Active in many NASA state and National Events. NASA's Best "Go-To" guy. Holder of several NASA Records. Hold's and has held multiple American and World Records. Has been Voted NASA's Best Announcer several times.
Mike Ewoldsen, KS 1999 Over-All Athlete of the Year. Pound for Pound NASA's Best Lifter. One of NASA's Best at being a Referee, Spotter, Loader and Assistant Meet Director. Holder of multiple American & World Records in several weight classes and divisions, Mike is a legend in NASA circles. Mike is also one of NASA's top spotter/loaders, a National Referee, top meet assistant and is seen coaching and assisting lifters in every meet. Retired early at the peak of his career but is a consistent co-meet director, spotter loader and is always available for assistance from any lifter.
Mary Hetzel, CO. 2000 Over-All Athlete of the Year. Only the second female to be selected as Over-All Athlete of the Year when she was selected in 2000. Referee, Lifter, multiple Record Holder and assistant Meet Director. Still active and winner each year of multiple Athlete of the Year Awards. Holder of many NASA American and World Records. Active lifter in NASA for approximately 13 years. Member of NASA's World Champion Team at the 2003 AAU Worlds. Competed for NASA on our Russian Tour, winning all of her competitions. Represented NASA on the USPF World Team (competing in the IPF Worlds) in 1996.Year in and year out one of NASA's best.
Administrator  Rich Peters, OK Rich has produced over 1,200 Powerlifting Events including over 175 National Championships, Coached 3 IPF World Championship Teams in International Meets including one World Championship Team and 1 Runner-up Team, first meet director to bring Russian National Team to USA (Atlanta), Coached 3 NASA vs Russia Teams in Russia (2) and USA, developed the NASA Coefficient System used today, invented, designed and implemented "Power Sports" which began in 1996, has personally conducted meets in 35 states. Has the most in depth Powerlifting career in the the sport's history. As a lifter he was a 3 time Strongest Man in Oklahoma winner 3 consecutive years and State Powerlifting Champion. Before heading up NASA, he served as National Executive Committee Member and a National Officer in the old USPF and was their #1 Meet Director for several years.
Administrator Tobey Johnson, AR Tobey has served as Head Referee in many NASA State, Regional, National and World Powerlifting Events including the World Cup, Natural Nationals, Grand Nationals and the USA vs Russia National Meets in Moscow, Leningrad (St. Petersburg) and Atlanta, GA. Tobey has been a NASA referee in NASA since the beginning of the organization. She has been selected Female Referee of the Year in NASA many times and has been nominated every year since the inception of the "Athlete of the Year Award". Tobey and her husband, Daryl (who was NASA's 1st ever Athlete of the Year winner) are also NASA Meet Directors of the annual "Big River Classic" in Blytheville, AR. They have both been icon's in NASA for many years. Tobey has also won the most prestigious referee award in NASA, the "Terry McGowan" Award for Excellence.