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John Lynn Jr.

Lifetime Achievement Award

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John C. Lynn Jr., 60, was honored at the Natural Athlete Strength Association(NASA) Regional Powerlifting Championships, Saturday, October 15, 2005 in Loveland, Colorado by receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award for being an All-American Drug-Free Natural Strength  Athlete.  The former Mr. Colorado, National and State Powerlifting Champion was presented the award by the McDermott Bench Press Team in association with NASA.  

John's athletic career has spanned 31 years (1964-2005) in Bodybuilding and Lifting, competing in close to 450 events.  John has always been a perfect role model for other athletes and his teenage students (30 years teaching and coaching) showing the incredible success one can achieve without steroids.

" I've had the pleasure of being John's friend for 27 years.  He is the ultimate knowledgeable and supportive training partner.  John has been an inspiration to myself and the McDermott Team while being an integral part of the team' s 22 National Titles." (Jim McDermott, McDermott Team Coach + NASState Chairperson)

Listed below are some of John Lynn's incredible accomplishments which were engraved on his Lifetime Achievement Award, followed by inserted pictures :

              Lifetime Achievement Award   1964- 2005 
                                   John C. Lynn Jr.           
                            Natural Strength Athlete
                            BodyBuilding Champion 

    Olympic Lifter -MarathonRunner - Sports Coach 
                     National  PowerLifting  Champion 
   PowerLifting  -World  -American -State  -Recordholder 

                    100+ Physique Competitions 
Mr. Colorado 1968  ;  1988  Masters 
       Mr. USA - 7th PL 1968 - Best Abdominals 
             Mr. Natural USA 2nd PL 1988 Masters 
       Mr. Drug-Free America - 4th PL - 1990 Masters

                         300+ PowerLifting Meets 
 1st Lifter in Colorado to  Squat 600 Lb - 1971 
                                 RAW  -  220 Lb Class 
                     Best   Bench Press   390 Lb - 1971 
                                 RAW  -  220 Lb Class 
                         Best  DeadLift   600 Lb - 1969 
                                 RAW  -  198 Lb Class 
             World /American Record  Curl 159 Lb - 2003 
                                 RAW  -  187 Lb Class 
              World /American Record  Curl 144 Lb - 2005 
RAW  -  198  Lb Class

                  7 Marathons (26 miles) 1979-1986   
                         Sports Coach   1973-2005

    Presented by The McDermott Lifting Team and NASA
                                     Oct. 15, 2005  


Jim McDermott - NASA Colorado State Chairman congratulates John Lynn Jr.