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NASA Pic's From The Past

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MORE Pictures from the Past

Tad Peters

25 years old as of 7-3-10 - 25 years experience in Powerlifting

Spotter, Loader, Announcer, Lifter, Referee, WebMaster, Scorekeeper


Top, (lt to rt) Tad Peters doing an Exhibition lift at the Kansas State Meet about 11 years ago. Tad doing 45 lbs. at 37 lbs bwt at age 4(notice his form). Second Row, Tad as "Assistant Meet Director" at the USPF Senior Nationals in Miami, Fl. Tad showing lifters in New Orleans, LA. the proper way to Squat with a broom handle. Third Row, Break Time with Ernie. Tad the Scorekeeper at age 8. These pictures are a tribute to Tad Peters, my son, who has endured this sport for his entire lifetime. I am VERY proud of him and always will love him dearly. Rich Peters




 Tad is shown in the bottom left at 2 years old. next to him are Zach and Gabriel Toomey, booth NASA lifters and son's of Larry Toomey of Des Moines, IA.

Zac and Gabriel went on to play football at Kansas University where Gab as the starting Linebacker in 2006.



Rich Peters doing his first meet as a meet director in 1976. That was 1,600+ meets ago.

He also lifted in this same meet as a 198 lb'er.


Rich Peters at 198 lbs. in 1978 at the State Collegiate Championships He won Outstanding Lifter and his points gave OU just enough to win the Team Title.

Just how bad do YOU want to workout?

This is how Rich Peters began his lifting career.

Top, (rt to lt), I began with plastic weights and tied weights on with baling wire as I got stronger. I didn't have any Olympic Weights so I weighed and cut #11 Rebar and welded myself a DL bar that I could add weight to. The Base weight of the DL bar was 390 lbs. Of course the bar didn't revolve, so I added duck tape for the knurling. Spotters? Who needed them? I didn't have any. I didn't miss a squat attempt in over 5 years. If I did miss one, I had to dump the bar, unload it, put it on the racks, reload it and continue. This makes you choose wisely. Please don't EVER complain about your workout facilities, you've seen mine. For 3 years, winter, spring, summer and fall. I never missed a workout. No Suit, Wraps Occasionally, Belt, spotters & loaders or equipment. By the way, the York weights shown in the last Squat Pic are the exact same ones we use on our platform to this day.




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