NASA Referee Exam

Follow These Directions To Become A NASA Referee


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1. Only current NASA Members in good standing may apply to become a NASA Referee

2. Contact NASA Headquarters at and notify the office of your desire to take the Exam.

3. Once approved, study the NASA Rulebook on our web site at NASA RULE BOOK

4.  Download your test, print it out and take the exam

5. Once you complete your test please return it to or mail to NASA Ref Exam, PO Box 735, Noble, OK. 73068

6. Wait for notification from NASA as to your Results

7. If you score a minimum of 80% correct on your written exam you will then move to the Practical Exam Requirements

8. Depending on your skill level, experience and score on your written exam you will Referee along side another seasoned NASA Referee for a minimum of 2 meets

9. After each meet in which you referee, each NASA Referee will evaluate your performance and will recommend your performance as Pass, Incomplete or Fail.

10. If your Practical Exam Results are less than PASS you will be required to attend and do another Practical Exam until you receive a PASS on your performance

11. All New Referee's are observed and fully trained by our staff during their first year. You will be asked to complete all Referee tasks involved in a meet during this time

12. 1 year after successfully completing all of your Referee Examinations you will become a fully accredited NASA National Referee


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