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Top 10 Worst Things You Can Do With Your Training - Sure Failure In The Sport

1. Never use your partner's training program and his style of form
2. Never use a program designed for multi ply equipment lifters
3. Never use a program developed by a non drug free lifter if you are drug free
4. Never use a program that concentrates on singles only
5. Never train 100% of the time with equipment
6. Never concentrate on max weight on the bar only
7. Never Work Out Alone
8. Never take advice from anyone that attempts to teach you to lift exactly like he does
9. Never do only partial lifts in your training
10. Always put form, technique and leverage ahead of all else


True Life Testimonials By Real Drug Free Lifters

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Andy Shields, VA

Warren McComas, OH

Jake Johnson, MO

Jeff Reeder, TX

Johannes Deppe, Germany

George McGuire, OK

Scott Marcum, OH

Ron Sherwood, TX



Submitted by Stephan, December 2nd, 2010-

Hey Rich,
Thanks a lot. I received your Deadly Deadlift DVD and I felt like a child at Xmas.
Funny thing.
Tuesday after work, I got home like every day by the back door. Got change and hit my Home Gym for a Back work-out at 5:15PM.
Did some Lat Pulldown, Deadlift, and one arm DB rows.  On the last rep of my deadlift, once again, out of the blue, my lower back had this little pintch.
After 10-15 minutes of my work-out, felt my lower back completely dead, tired, sore, exhausted.
I decided to go to the food market at the corner to grab something to eat. <Ready to go>, stuff.
Came back by the front door and : what I see in the mailbox?  NASA DVD - The deadly deadlift.
Grab the package, warm my food in Micro Wave and sit in front of my TV, anxious like a preteen boy at the Movie on a Saturday night to see the Block Buster of the year.
I did not know too much about N.A.S.A., I did not know too much about Rich Peters, simply because I did not know too much about Powerlifting.
My knowledge in the last 10 years was simply conventional weightlifting like average Joe who want to stay in shape or wish to growth some muscles.
Recently on the web I discover some guys like Mark & Dave who caught my attention. Read some articles, saw some "you tube videos" that show ; How - When and Where, Powerlifting.
I enjoy seminars for hearing lifetime experiences from pros but theoretically, anything was more clear in my mind when comes the Deadliest Deadlift DVD.
This is what I need. I good teacher. Not a superstar swinging irons with hard rock music blasting who constantly fix his Awesome Cool Arnold Expo cap between each set.
In Less than 8 minutes of your DVD you make me smile and than realize : the position of my feet!
Finally your 55 minutes running time DVD lasted 100... pressing: pause, rewind, pause, rewind...
This powerlifting document will surely be one of my favorite tool. Like a believer who use religiously his sacred text.
You can be sure that I hunger for more, your bench press and squat DVD are on my wish list for 2011.
Thanks Rich.  Thumbs upThumbs up 
(sorry for my bad writing, English is my second language)




Posted by Andy Shields, VA on April 17, 2007  12:36 pm

    watched most of the bench dvd with my wife last night. we were both really impressed. great graphics, excellent video and good sound, except one time I think warrens mike was off. its funny how nice that dive of a gym looks on camera. It was very informative and way better than I expected. I believe lifters of all levels can get something out of it. One of the best if not the best overall bench dvd I have ever watched.

Note: Andy Shields has Bench Pressed 685 lbs, Drug Free and Tested, in single ply equipment.



Posted by Warren McComas, OH, on April 4, 2007, 11:58 am

    I've been meaning to post this unsolicited plug for Rich's training DVD's for a few weeks now,but I haven't had time to get on here much lately.I tried one of the tips Rich gave me on my DL at the Hillbilly classic and I tied my P.R. DL,even though I had not planned on DLing at this meet or even been training my Dl to compete,so everybody will benefit from these DVD's.

Warren's lifts include a 700+ lb Squat, 545 BP, 1900+ Ppwerlifting Total and a 1,245 Push Pull Total in the 242 lb class. These were done Drug Free, Drug Tested and in Single Ply equipment.


Posted by Jake Johnson, MO, on August 7th, 2007 8:24 am

Rich, I just wanted to thank you again, I had a lot of fun this weekend. I
hope you like the picture. Your training DVD's are without a doubt the best
I have ever used. My total went up 100lbs. in only 5 months! I have worked
out with NFL trainers and many other professional trainers and I have never
had the gains in raw power that I have gotten from your tapes. My long term
goal is to be a 700lb. unequipped squatter and DL, and a 500lb. unequipped

I can not wait to compete again in February. I look forward to seeing you
there. Once again, let me know if I can help in any way.
Jake Johnson

Jake lifted Unequipped at the 2007 World Cup. He added 100 lbs to his Total  and had plenty remaining. This was after using several failed programs that are available on the Internet. All Rich promises is "success."


Posted by Scott Marcum, OH, on April 5, 2007, 9:18 pm

    Hey Warren I had the same experience, I pulled 50 lbs from my best ever with equipment, raw and still had more in the tank. I like the new Deadlift style a lot.

Scott is one of NASA's Top SHW lifters with over a 1,900 lb. Total. Scott will make some dramatic improvements in the next year since starting the training provided in these DVD's.



Jeff Reeder, TX- 3.4.07

I purchased the "Deadly Dead lift", "Secrets to Squating Massive Weight"
and "Monster Bench Press" DVD's 6 week ago.  My strength has improved
tremendously.  The angle and pause info on the press bench press is a method
that works for me.  It has allowed me more control over my work out and
has increased my bench press by over 40 pounds.  My dead-lift has
improved by over 30 pounds.  It is amazing how much more you can lift
just by learning proper technique alone.  Your tapes made me realize
that I had been lifting for years with bad form and techniques and that
was causing me to not gain any additional strength.  I had to watch your
tapes over and over because you will pick up advise every time.  You
can't watch it once. Thank you for caring so much about the sport of
Powerlifting.  Your DVD's have given me so much hope and your techniques
work.  I am looking forward to more gains in the coming future.



George McGuire, OK - 63 yr. old American Record Holder in Power Sports, Unequipped PL'ing and Push Pull. One of only 8 men in all of NASA to exceed his bwt in the Curl says:

"...Also, at the meet in August,  I could barely move 340 lbs off the floor in the deadlift.  I kept training per your suggestions in the deadlift

with triple triples and 10 days between workouts and was able to lift 151Kgs (333 lbs on my 4th lift).

Thanks for the training videos and training advice."

George's Power Sports (Curl, BP & DL, Raw) Total at 163 lb bwt has risen from 625 lbs to 694.45 lbs since on our program, at 63 years of age!



Johannes Deppe, Germany, says : "thanks very much! i tested the new pressing technique today and had no sticking point at all, felt really great! not allowing the bar to sink into the chest was a good tip also. I always wondered about being relatively weak at 110kg, but your technique made a real difference and I did 30 kg over my old max for reps & sets, awesome! "



Ron Sherwood, Texas, says: " I'm forced to consider that Rich might know what he is talking about. 31 years after my first meet I am always looking for new training ideas. I bought his tapes and worked with him on ideas for the not-so-young lifter to prepare for nationals. It was hard to convince me to train without the battle gear and to add more rest, but it sure was nice to go to the meet without any sore body parts. All my lifts were up. Less pain, more gain, just doesn't seem right. I hope nobody reads this to Rich. He might get all mushy and want to give me my money back for the tapes. "