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Team NASA ~ Laughlin, NV

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NASA vs AAU Worlds ~ 12-4/6-04

Men's & Women's Team Champions for Powerlifting & BP Only

1st Place Men's PL'ing, BP Only Teams

1st Place Women's PL'ing Team

1st Place Men's & Women's Pl'ing Club Team's

2nd Place Men's BP Only Club Team



Official 2003 Team NASA Results

AAU World Push/Pull Championships, Laughlin, NV.  12-6/7-03

Men's Push/Pull Team Champions / Combined BP Team Champions

2nd Place Women's Push/Pull Team



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2004 NASA / AAU PL'ing World Team Roster

Final Men's & Women's Teams  2004

December 3rd-5th, Laughlin, NV

Men's Powerlifting Blue Team

114.5 -

123.25 -


148.75 - X Casey Brown, CO.

165.25 -  X Mark Woodworth, OH.

181.75 - X Terry Perkins, OH.

198.25 - X Gary Green, MD.

220.25 - X Joe Thompson, IA.

242.5 - X Bobby Wilson, NC

275.5 - X Justin Ransbottom, OK., X Richard Kahle, NM.

308.5 - X Richard Samarron, TX

SHW - X Scott Marcum, OH.

Coaches - Rich Peters, OK, Todd Hughes, TX, Jay Koeper, AZ, Lindel Smith, IL, Dan Black, OK, George Wells, TX, Mike Adelmann, NM

Team Managers - Robbin Hedrick, TX, Tad Peters, OK

Men's Powerlifting Red Team

114.5 -

123.25 -

132.25- X Steve Goldberg, AZ

148.75 - X Terry Hedrick, TX.

165.25 -  X Shawn Wingert, MO, Kory Jones, OK.

181.75 -  X David Torrez, NM

198.25 - X Norm Judd, ND,  X Job Hou-sey, WI

220.25 -

242.5 - X Neil Eddins, TX.

275.5 - X Jeff Blaine, IA.

308.5 - 

SHW - X David Oyler, IL

Coaches - Rich Peters, OK, Todd Hughes, TX, Jay Koeper, AZ, Lindel Smith, IL, Dan Black, OK, George Wells, TX.

Team Managers - Robbin Hedrick, TX, Tad Peters, OK


Team Sponsors: Inzer Advanced Designs, NASA, Rich Peters, Numerous NASA Members.



2004 NASA Women's World Powerlifting Team

97 -

105 -

114 - X Heather Fry, TX., X Robbin Hedrick, TX.

123 - X Heather Hughes, TX.

132 - X Laura Anderson, MO., X Melinda Carter, TX.

148 - X Mary Hetzel, CO., X Dianne Manno, AZ.

165 - X Bethany Schwaninger, IL., X Sabrina Bagby, MO.

181 -

198 -

198+ - X Alecia Benninger, OH., X Melissa Garrett, TN.

Final Team


NASA  Men's BP World Team





165- X Evan Davidson, AZ.

181- X David Torrez, NM

198- X Troy Stuart, KS.

220- X Norm Judd, ND., X Joe Thompson, IA.

242- X Lee Elliff, TX., X Mike Stumbo, TX., X Earl Evatt, AZ.

275- X Richard Kahle, NM., X Justin Ransbottom, OK.

308- X Tom Manno, AZ., X Mike Adelmann, NM.

SHW- X Jeff Phillips, IL.

Final Team

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NASA  Women's BP World Team

114 - X Robbin Hedrick, TX.

123 -

132 - X Teale Adelmann, NM.

148 - X Mary Hetzel, CO.

165 -

181 -

198 - X Alannah McTighe, CO.

198+ -

Final Team


Want to be on a NASA Team in 2005???

What You Need To Do To Be Considered:

*Compete in either the Natural Nationals, Power Sports Nationals, BP Nationals, Masters Nationals, USA Nationals or World Cup. The more meets you compete enhances your chances if the voting is close.

*Team selections will be made by the Coaches Committee based on Performance, NASA Involvement , NASA Lifting History and Leadership & Reputation.

*Watch the NASA "Real Powerlifting" regularly for announcements   *Get involved in NASA activities

*Willing to be Drug Tested at Anytime, Any Meet!

What Team Members May Receive

*Official NASA Team Sweats  *Donations of Meet Equipment  * Team NASA T's  *NASA Gym Bags  *Team Meals  *Plenty of the NASA Spotlight

More details HERE