NASA Red vs NASA Blue Team Competition




Will Be Held During The USA Nationals in Las Vegas, June 16th & 17th, 2007


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Official Team Sponsors


Attention Team Members



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These Teams will compete against each other at the USA National Championships in Las Vegas on June 16th & 17th along with all other competitors at the meet. You need not be a team member to compete at the USA National Championships. The Team NASA Competition is a completely separate competition from the regular portion of this meet.


Team Selections

All Team Members PLEASE Read

Please visit our "Real Powerlifting" Forum for all updates and announcements.

All lifters will be Official Team members and will count for team points. This meet will have special team scoring. This will be a heads up competition either by Total or Coefficient. The official draft was held March 11th, 2007. Team Coaches selected all team lifters in the draft. Team members can keep up to date and in touch with their coaches by regularly visiting our official team and organizational forum at Real Power Forum.

*** Special Note To All Team Members Please Read ***

If you cannot attend this meet and you have been selected please contact us immediately. All team members MUST submit their entry form for the USA Nationals no later than 30 days before the meet or you WILL BE DROPPED from the team. All members MUST contact their respective coaches no later than April 1st, 2007 and confirm their sizes, ability to lift and all other information or they will be dropped from the team roster.

Do Not Declare if you are not absolutely positive that you can attend the USA National Championships in Las Vegas in June of 2007.


*** Special Note To All Lifters ***

Anyone may enter the USA Nationals. You need not be a member of any team to compete in the  USA National Championships. The NASA Team competition is an entirely separate competition within this meet.


Official Team Members Will Receive The Following

Thanks to the sponsors below, official team members will receive the following if deadlines and requirements are met:

Official Team Red or Team Blue Uniform ~ Official NASA Team Jackets (Hopefully if funds are available)

Official Team T-shirt ~ Limited Amount of Equipment ~ Official Team Breakfast's

Lifters will have to pay their own entry fee in at least one division in the actual meet.

2007 Official Team Sponsors

2007 Official Team Sponsors
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Rich Peters
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Contact NASA at for more information

or send donations to:

Team NASA, PO Box 735, Noble, OK. 73068



Official NASA Team Blue Coaching Staff

Head Coach: Bobby Warren, TX

Assistants: Bo Casto-WV, Brian Warren-TX



Team Manager: Wendy Hou-seye, WI

Assistant Manager: Laura Anderson, MO



Official NASA Team Red Coaching Staff

Head Coach: Jeff Phillips, AR.

Assistants: Dan Black-OK, Jeff Blaine, NE



Final NASA Team Selections


Note to All Team Lifters

It is YOUR responsibility to contact your head coach immediately after the draft. You MUST provide CURRENT contact information, e-mail, mail and phone information. Any Team Member that fails to communicate with the Coaches or the Team Manager in a timely fashion will be dropped from their team and may be replaced immediately. It is extremely important that all lifters be available to their coaches and stay in contact with their coaches.

Team "Red" Members are listed in Red ~ Team "Blue" Members are listed in Blue

* - Indicates the Lifter has officially entered the meet

Lifters Competing Heads Up Total vs Total  
SHW- * David Oyler, IL - 1730 lbs, 6.0502 coeff., 6-17-06  
SHW- * Tom Allred, MI - 1741 lbs., 8.0696 coeff., 11-11-06  
275- * Richard Kahle, NM - 2110.90, 10.3761 coeff., 6-17-06  
275- * Bob Bruner, ND - 1774.70, 8.6719 coeff., 6-17-06  
275- * Steve Cyranoski, TX- 1802.26, 9.2313 coeff., 1-28-07  
242- * Neil Eddins, TX - 1725.10, 8.9633 coeff., 9-06  
242- * Tracy Larson, ND - 1603.85, 8.2766, 6-17-06  

Lifters Competing Coefficient vs Coefficient

198- * Corey Smith, IA - 1769, 10.622 coeff., 6-17-06 165- * Chris Golden, TX - 1311.7, 8.1784 coeff., 1-27-07
198- * Brad Weber, ND - 1470, 8.4274 coeff., 4-22-06 220- * Norm Judd, ND - 1554, 8.6281 coeff., 2-1-07
198- * Gary Clock, ND - 1603.85, 8.6666 coeff., 11-11-06 (@220) 308- * Henry Thomason, TX - 1785, 8.5628 coeff., 1-28-07
198- * Brian Ammerman, NM - 1455.04, 8.6371 coeff., 1-28-07  
181- * Terry Perkins, OH - 1554.2, 9.2581 coeff., 1-27-07  
181- * David Torrez, NM - 1455, 8.7172 coeff., 8-5-06  

Women Lifters Competing Coefficient vs Coefficient

165- * Mark Woodworth, OH - 1488.9, 9.3630 coeff.,1-27-06  
165-* Jason Murphy, OH - 1581.80, 9.9225 coeff, 4-15-06 114- * Heena Patel, CO - 793.66, 6.3268 coeff., 8-5-06
  148- * Mary Hetzel, CO - 914.91, 6.2441 coeff., 1-27-07
148- * Spencer Westwood, UT - 1223.55, 8.1938 coeff., 2-3-07 123- * Krysti Hughes, CO - 710.98, 5.3885 coeff., 11-18-06 (unequip Tl)
148- * Faren Stroh, CO - 1245.60, 8.2944 coeff., 6-17-06 165- *Deborah James, TX - 793.66, 5.1185 coeff., 6-17-06
  132- * Diane Siveny, ND - 821.21, 5.8193 coeff., 7-17-06
  181- * Meagon Pollock, TX - 975.54, 5.9378 coeff., 6-17-06
  132- * Teri Ishimatsu, AZ - 479.50, 3.4400 coeff., 11-4-06 (unequip Tl)
  148- x Diane Manno, AZ - 650.36, 4.4636 coeff., 1-27-07
  198- * Hope Block, SD - 795.86, 4.5171 coeff., 6-17-06
  Shw- * Tamara Walter, NE - 1054.9, 4.8815 coeff., 6-17-06

Point System To Be Used In This Competition Only

1st- 7 pts, 2nd- 5 pts, 3rd- 3pts, 4th- 2 pts



Coaching Staff

Jeff Phillips, AR - Head Coach Red Team
Dan Black, OK - Assistant Coach, Team Red
Jeff Blaine, NE - Assistant Coach, Team Red
Bobby Warren, TX - Head Coach Blue Team
Brian Warren - Assistant Coach, Team Blue
Bo Casto, WV - Assistant Coach, Team Blue
Rich Peters - Administrative Assistant To Both Teams
Wendy Hou-seye, WI - Team Manager
Laura Anderson, MO - Assistant Team Manager