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Team Rules & Requirements - Please Read

One Men's Team (11 lifters) and One Women's Team (9) will be selected from the following Ranked lifters. In some cases, we may take 2 lifters from the same wt. class and no lifters from other wt classes. Lifters selected will be those that will have the best chance to score Team Points for our National Teams. Other points that will be considered are:

* Ability of the lifter to be coached by NASA Coaches

* Past National Experience

* Is the lifter a Team Player

* Past history and experience in NASA

In addition, all lifters must be willing to be drug tested by NASA before the National Meet and at the actual competition in October. All lifters accepting a position on any NASA Team agrees to abide by team rules and all attempts MUST and WILL be selected by the Official Team Coach, no exceptions! Any lifter who tests Positive to a drug test and who is lifting as a representative of NASA on a National Team will be banned for Life! NO personal coaches will be allowed to assist any lifter during the National Team Competition, under any circumstances. If any lifter cannot or will not abide by these team Rules, please ask to have your name removed from the Team Rankings List immediately. This is NOT a meet for individuals but rather a National Team competition and should be viewed as such.

NOTE: No one will be selected to any Official Team until the teams are officially selected in August, after the final qualifier. No one should make any reservation with any airline, hotel or travel agency until the Official Announcement is make to do so. At that time, Official letters of Invitation will be mailed out to all lifters that have been selected to these teams. No One should assume they have been selected to any Official NASA Team until an Official Invitation Letter has been received from NASA, sometime in August.

All team Members PLEASE Read

Please visit our "Real Powerlifting" Forum at  for all updates and announcements. You MUST confirm your spot on the team and agree to the terms. All confirmations MUST be made no later than 4-21-06, 5:00 pm. Please e-mail your confirmation along with a current phone number where you can be reached and a current, active e-mail address. Any unanswered e-mails or phone calls that are not returned will result in you being removed from the Team.

This team will include 10 Individual Lifters with 2-4 Alternates. The Team selection will include lifters with the Top Totals over-all and those lifters that have previous NASA Team experience. All Team Members MUST have a lengthy history with NASA. All team Members may be Drug Tested by Urine Testing. Some weight class winners may not be selected due to low Totals. All Total's MUST be competitive according to the NASA Coaching Staff and Executive Committee.


Current Coaching Staff NASA vs USPF:

Head Coach: Todd Hughes-TX

Assistants: Jeff Phillips-AR, Bobby Warren-TX, Rich Peters-OK, Terry Hedrick-TX


Final Team Selections


Men's Final NASA vs USPF Team as of 6-5-06

148.75- Casey Brown, CO
165.25- Jason Murphy, OH
165.25- Mark Woodworth, OH
198.25- Corey Smith, IA
198.25- Gary Green, MD
220.25- Joe Thompson, IA
220.25- Gary Clock, ND
242.5- Tyson Meyers, KS
242.5- Bobby Wilson, NC
275.5- Richard Kahle, NM
308.5- Nico Feliciano, AZ
SHW- David Oyler, IL
SHW- Tom Allred, MI
Alan Borden, TX (injured)
Todd Hughes, TX (Head Coach)
Jeff Phillips, AR (Asst Coach)
Terry Hedrick, TX (Asst Coach)
Rich Peters, OK (Asst Coach)
Tad Peters, OK (Asst Coach)
Bobby Warren, TX (Asst Coach)


Women's Team NASA vs USPF as of 6-5-05

198+ Jessica Springer, TX
198+ Nicole Malloy, TX
181 Stephanie Bennett, TX
181 Meagan Pollock, TX
165 Deborah James, TX
148 Mary Hetzel, CO
148 Diane Manno, AZ
132 Diane Siveny, ND
132 Heather Hughes, TX
123 Teale Adelmann, NM (Co-Coach)
123 Robbin Hedrick, TX (Co-Coach)
114 Nicole Owen, OK