Rules For Setting /Breaking Any NASA National Record

All Blank Records Are Now Open

NASA New National Records Index

Established 1.1.13

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Dates Indicate Last Changes Made


All Records Are In PDF Format

Equipped Bench Press - Updated 3.2.14

Equipped Powerlifting - Updated 3.2.13

Equipped Push Pull - Updated 1.5.14

Unequipped Bench Press - Updated 1.5.14

Unequipped Powerlifting - Updated 3.2.14

Unequipped Push Pull - Updated 3.2.14

Power Sports - Updated 3.2.14

High School Power Press - 12.3.13

Dates Indicate Latest New Record Update


Equipped Bench Press - Updated 12.3.13

Equipped Powerlifting - Updated 3.2.14

Equipped Push Pull - Updated 1.5.14

Unequipped Bench Press - Updated 3.2.13

Unequipped Powerlifting - Updated 3.2.14

Unequipped Push Pull - Updated 3.2.14

Power Sports - Updated 3.2.13

High School Power Press - 12.3.13

Report Any and All Errors To : Fred Ashford - National Records Chairman




* National Records May Only Be Broken/Established At Official

NASA National Events or National Record Approved State Events

* All Record Forms MUST be filled out completely and accurately and mailed to the National Records Chairman within 14 days. NO EXCEPTIONS. Any form filled out incorrectly or inaccurately will be discarded and the lifter will lose that record, again, no exceptions.

* No Record can be applied for after 14 days after the meet. All National Records MUST be declared at the meet and it must be announced before the lift is started, No Exceptions. Under no circumstances may a lifter claim a record after 14 days.

* All Lifters Must Qualify For The Following NASA National Events:

USA Nationals, Grand Nationals, Natural Nationals, BP & Power Sports Nationals, Western States Nationals (or Manno Classic),

NASA World Cup of Power, Unequipped Nationals. National Records can be broken at any of these meets. Waivers MAY be granted by submitting your request to . New lifters, out-of-country servicemen and lifters who have had entries may be granted a waiver from qualifying. If NASA doesn't do meets in a lifter's home state he/she does not have to qualify.


* National Events Which Exempt Lifters From Qualifying Are:

High School Nationals, Masters/Sub Masters Nationals, Open Nationals and Any State Meet Which Is Designated As A National Sanctioned Event.  

** State or Regional Meets which are National Record Approved Meets **

NC/SC State - Spring, 2014

(this list will be added to during the year)


* Qualifying Requires A Lifter To Have Entered And Competed In Any NASA Event Within The Past 12 Months Of the Date Of The Event The Lifter Is Planning to Enter

* Any Lifter May Ask For A Waiver From Qualifying. New Lifters To The Sport Need Not Qualify As Long As They Have NEVER Entered Any Meet. It is HIGHLY Recommended That All Lifters Qualify In A NASA Event And Read Our Rule Book.

* Lifters Who Live In/Reside In States Where NASA Does NOT Conduct Meets Is Exempt From Qualifying

* No Qualifying Is Required In ANY NASA Sanctioned State or Regional Event



Beginning on May 4th, 2013, at the Bench Press, Power Sports and Push Pull Nationals!

ALL National Records will now have the following Divisions in ALL Events both Men and Women...

...Open (Natural)
High School
Sub Masters 1 (30-34)
Sub Masters 2 (35-39)
Sub Masters Pure (30-39)
Masters 1 (40-49)
Masters 2 (50-59)
Masters 3 (60-69)
Masters 4 (70-79)
Masters 5 (80+)
Masters Pure (40+ and lifetime Pure)