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NASA Membership Cards Are $40.00 per year for Adult Members Beginning 1.1.13


NASA Cards Are $40.00 Per Year Starting 1.1.13 . High School and Youth Cards Will Remain The Same Price As 2012.
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Adult Membership - $40.00

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Questions Answered


Explain NASA's Entry Forms!

If you get an entry form for a meet, chances are it will mention Powerlifting, Bench Press and Power Sports. Powerlifting is referring to the 3 lift meet (SQ, BP & DL for a Total). In this division you can wear single ply Squat Suits, Bench Shirts (Denim Allowed), wraps and other standard single ply equipment like any other organization. This contest is held for those that want to lift as with any other organization, with the use of equipment.

The Bench Only Contest is just that and allows Bench Shirts, Wrist Wraps, Belt and Singlet. This Meet is held for those that want to do a Bench Only Contest, with the use of equipment. If you enter the Full Meet and choose to enter the Single Lift, Bench Only, your Bench from the Full Meet will carry over to your Bench Only Contest. You do not have to lift twice.

In Power Sports, the Full Meet, consists of the Curl, Bench Press and DL for the Total. Power Sports also has a Single Lift Contest for each event. If you enter the PS Full meet and choose to enter the Single Lift Curl, BP or DL, your lift in the full meet counts as that lift in the single lift event. You don't have to lift again for the single lift event. All lifts carry over. The Squat is the Only lift in Power Sports that is a True Single Lift Event. No Squat (supportive) Suits are allowed, no wraps only a 4" Belt. These Divisions are held for those that want to lift without any type of equipment except a lifting belt.


What is NASA doing to improve our meets?

NASA is continually trying to improve on it's Awards, the Judging, location of meets and publicity. Don't wait to be asked to help at a meet. If a meet is coming to your area, call the local newspapers, send Entry Forms to the Gyms in your areas, promote the meet in every way possible. After all, these are your meets. Send NASA a list of all the Powerlifting Gyms in your area. Be sure to include the zip codes. If you have some ideas that will help us improve, please let us know.