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NASA World Championships

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All photo's on this page provided by Mike Stumbo, Neil Eddins and Mike and Teale Adelmann. Thanks to them all!

2004 NASA vs AAU Push Pull Team Pic's - VA

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Sleepy Mike Adelmann, super Bench Woman Teale Adelmann

and Mr. DL Bill Helmich all of NM having a blast!

Bobby and Silvia Wilson of NC

NASA's Championship BP Team!

Mr. Lee Elliff and wife are really into the meet!

Perennial Champion BP'er, Mike Stumbo shows off his hardware! 

Jeff "Officer Dangle" Blaine tries to communicate!

Mr. Neil Eddins of Amarillo shows off his bounty!


The NASA ND contingent

NASA's Push Pull Championship Team that competed in VA in Oct.

More Push Pull Team Pic's


Michael Oyler, David Oyler and Jeff Phillips all from IL.

Sundays Heavyweights mostly all brought home the Gold!


NASA's BEST Female BP'er - Teale Adelmann, NM

Tom "Who's Your Daddy" Manno is all Thumbs Up after the meet!



Rich Kahle and Lil One!


Where's The Beef??? Todd hughes, Mike Adelmann & Rick Dench

Scott Marcum of OH powers up a big Squat Attempt!


Heather Fry and Robbin Hedrick


Big Dave Oyler, all 400+ lbs of him!!!