Powerlifting Picture Page #3

AAU/NASA World Championships

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All photo's on this page provided by Mike Stumbo, Neil Eddins and Mike and Teale Adelmann. Thanks to them all!


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Jeff Phillips of Illinois takes a break

Mike Adelmann ready's himself for the BP

Bill and Laura Anderson take a break

The Troops prepare for battle! Dench, Eddins,

Clock and Wilson

Jeff Blaine pulls a nice DL!

The group gathers at the NASA booth!

Hedrick, Anderson, Ishamatsu's and Hughes!

Tom Manno and Lee Elliff are up to no good!

Robbin with the "Wizzard" Helmich

Rich Samarron finishes yet another great Squat!


Rich Kahle owned the platform on Sunday!

Outstanding Women lifters of the meet on Saturday.

Teale Adelmann, 2nd from left.

Let's see know, how do I do this????

Tom Manno


Shame on you Mike Adelmann for taking

this pick of Teale!

"Look into my eyes" says terry Hedrick

Job Hou-Sey, David Oyler and Scott Marcum

begin warmups!

Mike Stumbo prepares for the Hunt!

Joe Thompson gets Jeff Blaine fired up!

The Official Team T-Shirt!

Terry Hedrick, "It went THAT way!"

The Crew on Sunday!

Bobby Wilson pulls a big DL for the win!